Special Projects

Coffee Delight:

A Unique and Stylish Hub for Socializing in the Lau’s Kitchen

Sandy and Douglas Lau had recently purchased their home in Hawaii Kai. But they had a large hole in their dining area that they wanted to utilize. The Lau’s are a busy couple with serious careers, but also happen to be avid coffee enthusiasts who love to entertain. So we decided to install a professional Miele coffee machine and build a custom bar to hold it all.


We brought in Jeff Hatterman of Accents design, and matched the new surfaces with the blue and gray of their beloved floors and cabinets. We also added some silver with glass doors and a large circular tile backsplash to make the whole space really ‘pop’!

Now any time Sandy wants coffee shop quality coffee, she never has to leave the house.

Unlocking Elegance and Comfort:

A Remarkable Transformation by Our Award-Winning Team

This ambitious and intricate project required us to turn a complex space into a masterpiece. With a vision to maximize potential and overcome challenges, we navigated load-bearing walls, ensuring structural integrity while redefining the downstairs from a mere garage to a harmonious living space.


Collaborating with the talented Donald Corbin of Blue Hawaii Drafting, we crafted a design that not only met structural demands but also looked brilliant. The strategic relocation of load-bearing walls allowed us to create an open-concept kitchen/living room, a spacious bedroom, a luxurious walk-in closet, and a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen.


The transformation was nothing short of spectacular, earning us prestigious design awards and recognition in Hawaii Home & Remodel Magazine. We were awarded the Building Industry Association of Hawaii’s Carl Reppun Award for Contractor of the Year in 2019, accompanied by three design awards from BIA, including the Grand Award for Residential Remodeling at the BIA-Hawaii Building Industry Design and Construction Awards for this incredible project.  

Transforming Lives with Compassion:

Crafting a Special Sanctuary for an ‘Aina Haina Family

Every once in a while, you meet a person or family that really needs your help, and we believe that this is a privilege. This incredible ‘Aina Haina family had a 12-year-old son who required round-the-clock care. Recognizing budget constraints, we collaborated closely with the family, working within their budgetary constraints to build a bathroom tailored to their specific needs.


Navigating challenges, including a stubborn cement wall and intricate plumbing adjustments, our dedicated team overcame every obstacle. We transformed their space into a haven of comfort and accessibility. Sacrificing space from an adjacent bedroom, we curated a curbless shower for added convenience.


In the end, being chosen as the contractors for this project is a source of deep gratitude. This project perfectly displays the magic of compassion and craftsmanship converging to create a bathroom that not only meets needs but also elevates the spirit of a special family.

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