Island Chic:

Turning Design Dreams into Reality for Ali's Stylish One Waterfront Towers Renovation

Ali and her husband split their lives between Hawaii and California. But they got tired of renting here on Oahu, and bought a unit at One Waterfront Towers. Ali was having a hard time finding a professional contractor to help her renovate their new apartment. She was an established designer in California, but she didn’t like any of the contractors she was interviewing until she met us.


Ali has great style and taste. However, she couldn’t find the materials she wanted here in the islands and her apartment had a lot of challenges to overcome, specifically a large pink tiled arch made of concrete surrounding her shower tub/area.


We used our connections to find the materials she needed and worked closely together to bring her vision to life. We got rid of the pink tile and opened up the kitchen. Utilizing her incredible designs, we were able to create a beautiful new kitchen, bathrooms, and tie the whole unit together with gorgeous hardwood floors. When we get to work with a client that has good taste and has a realistic budget, magic happens.

Crafting Timeless Elegance:

Erma's Bespoke Condo Transformation at One Waterfront Towers

As our fourth client in the prestigious One Waterfront Towers, Erma faced the delightful challenge of choosing the perfect design. To ensure she found her ideal vision, we collaborated with David Nadolney, owner of Open Concept Designs, who added his artistic touch to the project.

Given our familiarity with this iconic building from previous collaborations, we knew precisely how to elevate Erma’s space. By eliminating circular pillars and introducing innovative solutions like electric cabinets—each opening effortlessly—we tailored the design to seamlessly blend with the unique challenges posed by concrete walls. The result? A kitchen and bathroom that not only captivate with beautiful accent tiles but also showcase the pinnacle of sophistication.


Discover the art of refinement as we bring your vision to life, leaving a lasting impression on your home at One Waterfront Towers.

Reviving Tranquility in Waikiki:

Conquering Condo Challenges to Transform a 2-Bedroom Haven

Junko and her husband wanted to renovate their quaint 2-bedroom condo at Liliuokalani Gardens in Waikiki. They had interviewed multiple contractors, and were working with designer Nancy Schnur of Universal Interiors when we met them. They needed a contractor who could work around the strict rules of the condo’s management (short working hours, no holidays, limited elevator access, parking, water, etc.). But our team was up to the task. They liked our attention to detail and professionalism, and were thrilled with the results of the renovation, which turned their space into the peaceful oasis they had always wanted.  

Crafting Elegance:

An Award-Winning Condo Kitchen Transformation in Waikiki's Historic Colony Beach Building

Jeff knew exactly what he wanted for his new kitchen; down to the smallest detail. Most contractors hesitate to accept a project like this, but we did. Because we knew that we could deliver on his vision. Jeff’s Waikiki condo in the historic Colony Beach Building is a classic. But it is also relatively small and can be difficult to maneuver. Luckily, we have plenty of experience renovating condominiums and brought his simple, yet elegant kitchen to life.



We were honored to win the Grand Award for Condominium Residential Remodeling from BIA-Hawaii Building Industry Design and Construction Awards in 2019 for this project.

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