From Urgency to Elegance:

The Johnsons' Epic Home Overhaul Featured in Hawaii Home & Remodel Magazine

When Kiki and TJ Johnson purchased their new home they wanted to move in right away. But there was one thing in their way… they wanted to change everything! They wanted a larger master bathroom with a free-standing soaking tub and separate shower. They also wanted to renovate the full guest bathroom and half bathroom, create a larger, more functional laundry room, add a large walk-in closet in the master bathroom, build an open-concept kitchen, and make upgrades throughout the entire home.

The Johnsons were eager to start their project and move into their new-NEW house (Kiki, TJ and their kids were all living in the loft upstairs!). But there was so much to do, that they weren’t sure where to start. We came in and provided the coordination, planning, and communication that they needed from a contractor for a special project like this.

We worked hand-in-hand with Kiki to help her select all the major finishes. Because there was such a time crunch to get this project complete, much of it was done with quick decisions working with in-stock materials. We were moving so fast that as soon as one decision was finalized, five more had to be made.

While it was quite the whirlwind, Kiki and TJ couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. In fact, the results were so fantastic, the project was featured on the cover of Hawaii Home & Remodel Magazine in Oct/Nov 2023, and was the feature story in the magazine. Check out the article for pictures of the final remodel and more details.

From Flooded to Fabulous:

Transforming the Singer's Ocean-Front Oasis into a Holiday Haven

On April 13, 2018, extreme weather and rain turned Kalanianaole Highway into a river and flooded hundreds of homes in Aina Haina and Niu Valley. Raccine and Dan S.’s beautiful ocean-front house was one of those affected. Their kitchen, living room, guest bedroom, multiple bathrooms, and beautiful koa hardwood floors were destroyed. 


Racine and Dan were in a terrible bind. Every Christmas, their family that is scattered across the mainland comes home. Their usually empty house is suddenly filled with kids, grandkids, and the excitement of the holidays. They needed to finish before their family arrived for the holidays, and wanted a home suited for lots of people to enjoy.


First, we came up with a plan. They wanted to open up the kitchen and do something nontraditional, but still keep the beach-front elegance they enjoyed before the flooding. So we hired Jeff Hattermen of Accent Design to design the layout and accents, and then Moorhead brought everything to life. 


They were especially excited with the huge island we installed in the center of the kitchen –  perfect for entertaining guests – and the rustic ‘wood’ porcelain tile that gave the feel of beach wood and has the durability of porcelain.

Racine and Dan (and their family) were amazed by the results. They love their new home. We were proud of the work, and excited that it was featured on the cover of Hawaii Home & Remodel Magazine in April of 2020.

Aging Gracefully at Home:

A Transformative Custom Renovation by Moorhead & Company

As T.L.’s mother began getting older, he wanted their home to be more comfortable and functional for her to age in place. He had a vision of renovating almost the entire house, a rather large and complicated project. His designer, Nancy Schnur, put T.L. in contact with J.R. from Moorhead & Company. We widened the doorways, moved the laundry room, made the bathroom more accessible, and even built a new front porch. Despite the scale of the project, our team completed all the work on-time and on-budget, just like we said we would. Now T.L. has a beautiful, comfortable home that his family can enjoy for many years to come.

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