Retirement Bliss Unveiled:

Crafting a Coastal Retreat for Milly and Hubby's Dream Bathroom

Milly wanted to gift her hardworking husband the bathroom of his dreams to celebrate his retirement. Of course, she also wanted to create an oasis for herself. Milly wanted a one-of-a-kind bathroom with a soaking tub that reminded her of lounging at the beach. The bathroom was relatively small, so we had to keep things tight and close together.


We got creative and cut out sections of the existing rectangular porcelain tile and inserted glass accents in a few sections of the shower. We also used that glass accent tile for the shower cubby, as well as the cubby for the tub. To accomplish the beach theme, we used blues and light beiges and we surrounded the tub with flat river rocks, and used these same stones for the shower pan. The vanity is a bamboo finish with a quartz countertop that looks like beach sand.


Milly and her husband were amazed at the final product, and we were so happy to bring their wonderful idea to life.

From Urgency to Elegance:

The Johnsons' Epic Home Overhaul Featured in Hawaii Home & Remodel Magazine

When Kiki and TJ purchased their new home they wanted to move in right away. But there was one thing in their way… they wanted to change everything! They wanted a larger master bathroom with a free-standing soaking tub and a separate shower. They also wanted to renovate the full guest bathroom and half bathroom, create a larger, more functional laundry room, add a large walk-in closet in the master bathroom, build an open-concept kitchen, and make upgrades throughout the entire home. 

Kiki and TJ were eager to start their project and move into their new-NEW house (Kiki, TJ and their kids were all living in the loft upstairs!). But there was so much to do, that they weren’t sure where to start. We came in and provided the coordination, planning, and communication that they needed from a contractor for a special project like this.  

We worked hand-in-hand with Kiki to help her select all the major finishes. Because there was such a time crunch to get this project complete, much of it was done with quick decisions working with in-stock materials. We were moving so fast that as soon as one decision was finalized, five more had to be made.

While it was quite the whirlwind, Kiki and TJ couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. In fact, the results were so fantastic, the project was featured on the cover of Hawaii Home & Remodel Magazine in Oct/Nov 2023, and was the feature story in the magazine. Check out the article for pictures of the final remodel and more details. 

Opulent Oasis:

Elevating Jason's Portlock Home with TWO Custom Bathroom Renovations

Jason has great taste and style. His Portlock home is in a great location, but the bathrooms weren’t up to his high standards. Luckily, he connected with Jeff Hatterman from Accent Design, and we were brought in to turn his dreams into a reality.

We installed a grand tub into the spacious master bathroom, and utilized an array of different materials for the walls – including repurposed wood. Jason was thrilled with the final result, and we were happy to exceed his lofty expectations.

Revitalizing Serenity:

A Seamless Transformation of Three Bathrooms at One Waterfront Tower

We have had the privilege to revitalize many units at One Waterfront Towers. While these two towers were some of the most beautiful buildings in Honolulu at one point, over time they began to show their age. The master bathrooms have signature pink arches going into the jacuzzi tub/shower area. These arches are made of concrete and are not going anywhere. So, no matter what, we had to incorporate these arches into the new designs.

The first  of three bathrooms we remodeled was quite the challenge because the shower and jacuzzi tub are raised up about four feet off the floor with access in a closet from another room. We also had to contend with the electrical wiring from a jacuzzi tub and older plumbing under the tub and shower. Even deciding what to do with the arches was challenging. The good news was that our first client was an interior designer, and we created a brilliant plan together. Once the neighbors saw Ali’s bathroom, they wanted one too. Here are some photos of three of the transformed bathrooms.

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