Your Project’s Workflow / by brent gomes


Your Project’s Workflow

Now that you have an understanding of the circumstances regarding obtaining materials in Hawaii, it will help you to determine how long YOUR project will take. In sum, a project entails the following:

1)      First, you have the demolition phase. It can take anywhere from a day to a couple weeks of demolition, and preparation to get your home ready for the new build.

2)      If you are going to be pouring concrete, they will need a few weeks or so to complete their portion of the project.

3)      Then your framing crew comes in and builds the bones of the structure and usually puts in your walls, windows and siding.

4)      Next phase is the plumbers to do the rough-in. They can take anywhere from a day to multiple weeks depending on the scope of work.

5)      Next is the electricians, then the drywall crew.

6)      This is followed by paint, and the finishing team. The finishing team installs cabinets, flooring showers/tub, tile, and doors, trim etc... Once the cabinets go in, the countertop fabricator comes to template your countertops and it will take the fabricator approximately 2 weeks until they come back and install it.

7)      After that, plumbers and electricians come back to install all the final fixtures. The construction crew will conduct a final inspection and “clean up.”  This final process takes about a week or two to wrap everything up before your home will be yours again.

There are tricks to getting your project done faster. You can have all the tradespeople working at the same time. Most tradespeople don’t like to work on top of each other; however, they usually know it happens from time-to-time and comes with the job.

To save time, you could also install your flooring while you are waiting for countertops. This is a good option if you are installing porcelain tile (because it is so durable and won’t be affected by the construction workers walking on them).  However, we typically like to wait until everything is complete before we install the floors—especially if we are installing wood, vinyl or carpet. We want the home owners to be the first ones to walk on their floors instead of a bunch of construction workers walking on the new floors. Regardless, for some people getting the job done is a priority.  In these circumstances, we make exceptions and do whatever we can to accommodate the clients’ needs.

In sum, having a contractor that is organized, has a good plan and a firm schedule is the best way to get your job done quickly. From the client’s perspective, don’t change your mind or add things if you want your project done fast. Make sure to have all your materials ahead of time, have a good plan and a good contractor, and your project will go swiftly.