Tub to Shower Conversion / by Hitman Inc

Making sure your tub to shower conversion doesn't go down the drain.

The most common thing we are doing these days in bathrooms is what is known as a “Tub to Shower Conversion.” What this means is replace where the bathtub used to be with a shower. Years ago people thought that they needed to have a bathtub, in order to maintain the value of their home. This doesn’t seem to be the case as much these days. (I am not a realtor, so please check with a realtor before you take my word for it). Also, as the “Baby Boomers” get older, bathtubs aren’t as popular as showers are. 

Should I do a Tub to Shower Conversion? 

Do you use your bathtub is a question I would ask myself? If not, I say get rid of it. 

What is the cost difference between installing a bathtub and installing a shower? 

Every job is different though there isn’t a major price difference between the two typically. It definitely will depend on if you already have one or the other. It will always be cheaper to replace a shower rather than build a new one. The drainage location and PVC sewer pipes differ between showers and tubs. You are either paying for the bathtub, and installation of the bathtub, or the additional tile work. The cost varies a lot from jobsite to jobsite as to what removing a bathtub and installing a shower will cost. The truth is, it depends on if your floors are wood or concrete? Are you in a house or an apartment? If you are in a house: Is it the first or second floor? Is your floor made out of concrete or wood? If concrete, you may need to jack hammer to move the location of the drain. If it is the second floor, you may need to do drywall and paint work on the ceiling of the room below. There are many different variables to consider. Some apartment buildings require you to do your plumbing work involved with the shower drain from the apartment below. Even worse, some apartment buildings give the owner of apartment below the option to allow you in their home or not. This should be discussed with the building before any decisions are made. 

As people get older, it is harder to get in and out of a bathtub. Showers are much easier for many people. This is another reason why “Tub to Shower Conversions” are popular. We do a lot of what we call “Aging Gracefully” projects. Basically we are designing bathrooms that anticipate future needs of our clients. We are building walk in shower’s where bathtubs once were. We make the curb as short as possible. How short, depends on the what the space will allow. We install backing for grab bars throughout the shower and bathroom behind the tile in preparation to when people will need grab bars they can install them without worry. We also frequently install seats or benches in the Showers.