Choosing a Countertop / by Hitman Inc


What are the different countertops and which one is right for me?

There are many different types of countertops to choose from; Butcher Block, tile, stained and polished concrete, Hard Wood, Formica, Corian, Granite, and Quartz are the most common. The vast majority of the kitchens we do now are either Granite or Quartz—and almost 75% of our clients choose Quartz.

What’s the difference between Quartz and Granite? 

The major difference is Granite is mined from the earth and polished—each piece is unique in color and grain. Quartz is man made and has a very specific style, color and pattern. Quartz is more robust and requires lower maintenance. Granite is a natural stone and thus porous and prone to gathering dirt. Granite will need to be maintained (including polishing and sealing—at least once a year). Both are extremely hard, are scratch resistant and age well. Some clients love the artistic nature of natural stone and are OK with the maintenance required to preserve it's natural beauty, while others prefer the low maintenance, style and design of quartz. 

Moorhead will make sure that no matter what you choose, it will be built beyond your expectations.