About Moorhead


Our Mission

Moorhead's mission is to exceed your expectations through each and every step of the home building or renovating experience.

Easier said than done. And that's why most builders simply can't do it. 

Founded by J.R. Moorhead in 2012, Moorhead was started on the the idea of always building beyond each and every client's expectations—from the first interaction to the last nail, to the final sweep—Moorhead seeks to delight our clients. 

Moorhead excels at unique, custom renovations as well as custom builds, and we work closely with the Island's premier architects and Interior Designers. Our attention to detail is only rivaled by our customer engagement and service. 

Our Company Logo

Our logo represents the Manta Ray (hahalua) and the Sun (lah), both powerful symbols of the Island Culture. The Manta Ray symbolizes protection, grace and peace, and the sun wealth, brilliance and rebirth. Combined, they are the perfect symbol of what each of us seeks for our home.

We invite you to reach out to start a discussion about how you envision your home—your dream home—and how we can work together to make it happen.

J.R. Moorhead | Founder

J.R. Moorhead | Founder